Undertaking Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA), site monitoring and visualisations for a range of developments.

Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA)

We undertake robust and in-depth landscape assessment to support and interrogate proposed development for a wide range of projects.  We enjoy working alongside clients to produce design proposals which fit sensitively into the landscape before assessment stages begin.  This holistic approach ensures that assessment feeds back into design at early stages, creates high quality design and successful projects.  We are experienced in working within sensitive and iconic landscapes with high levels of national and international scenic designations.

We have the capability to undertake ZTV / ZVI mapping in-house and use this within both assessment and design work.  We also offer this service externally on a consultancy basis.

We have experience in assessing a variety of developments, including:

  • Woodland and forest schemes
  • Holiday cabin sites
  • Fencing proposals
  • Fish farm infrastructure
  • New roads