Connecting people to landscape, with a particular interest in accessible design solutions for trails, viewpoints and interpretation provision.

Crianlarich Heritage Paths - Stirling

Development of a network of trails around the village of Crianlarich, to create way-marked walks with landmark features, interpretation boards and all-ability access links to Village Hall. Munro Landscape worked with the Strathfillan Community Development Trust and Crianlarich Into Action, to take the project from concept design to implementation stages, and create routes for the enjoyment of locals and tourist alike.

Knockie Viewpoint - Aberdeenshire

A stunning vista from within the Glen Tanar estate, overlooking Caledonian Pine woodland and across distant mountainscapes, an invigorating place to develop a viewpoint feature.  Proposals were developed alongside MacDonald Orr design, Glen Tanar estate and Sixareen interpretation consultants to tell the story of the estate, habitats and forestry practices and to create a place to sit, rest, imagine and enjoy.

Old Pale Viewpoint - Cheshire

Designed by Kelda Platt during time working at the Forestry Commission.  The feature sits above Delamere Forest, with an extensive view over the forest and to seven counties over the Cheshire plain. The central stone is a red sandstone, typical of the local area, and surrounding it seven stones are positioned to represent each county. As a popular destination for local and visiting walkers and in close proximity to the long-distance route of the Sandstone Trail, the involvement of all communities was seen as a vital element for the development, and the feature was warmly welcomed. 

Suggestions were made as to which local points on interest should be interpreted from the feature, and the chosen points cast in bronze to sit along the spiralling wall.  The history of the forest and area is interpreted and cast in bronze on the central stone with the help of local historians and creative writers. Client: Forestry Commission